Sirichan Thai Massage Learning Center, Chiang Mai

Sirichan Thai Massage Learning Center, Chiang Mai


Week 2: Diving Deeper into Thai Massage


Massages, you'll learn: follow-up of Week 1

Areas of focus: Shoulders, Back, Arms, Hands, Neck and Head.

Reap respect from your patients

Upon laying the foundations from the first week, the approach we take in week two is an alternative one to typical teaching styles. In this week, you'll come into contact with and apply methods that fuse together tradition and innovation.

You'll be given a blend of the best techniques intertwined with effective integration methods. We remove the focus on accessories such as music, and aromas and show you the way to elevate patient satisfaction the right way.

In this week, go beyond the surface level of treating single issues that disrupt the mind and body. By the end, you'll be able to uncover the root tension within the connecting body parts that trigger the main pain in specific areas. Upon finding the area of tension, you'll learn techniques to fix them, leaving your patient content for a long time after each session.    

After week two you will have a clear understanding of how to satisfy your patients during a massage session. Here you’ll learn common areas of tension and massages to ease upper body connections, helping you:

  • Provide long lasting satisfaction
  • Strong knowledge foundation of tension in interbody part connections
  • Confidence in practicing the art of massage