Chiang Mai Massage Learning Center

Chiang Mai Massage Learning Center


Multiple Thai Massage Courses Delivered by a Therapist in Chiang Mai

Learn Thai Massage Therapy from an Expert

"When you have the correct basics, you can learn anything very fast."  

Ajarn Nooy

  • Generations old Thai massage techniques at Sirichan Massage School, Chiang Mai.
  • Based on strong foundations and correct knowledge.  ancient massage techniques adapted to today's patients.
  • Provided by a professional massage and health therapist, who teaches exactly what she practices on a daily basis.
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Unspoiled and credible courses

Acquire first hand inherited knowledge from a native Northern Thai expert masseuse and licensed doctor, Ajarn Nooy. On our qualified and Ministry of health accredited courses, receive correct knowledge and guidance in hands-on classes on real patients, creating a strong foundation for future practice.

Traditional teachings for transformative massage

Sirichan only applies traditional Thai modalities and techniques that are essential for an effective massage. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced therapist, uncover the essential skills with us and learn how to heal people through:

  • Ancient Thai massage techniques
  • Body scan spotting issues
  • Reviewing the healing process
  • Mastering various Thai modalities.

The secret of Sirichan

  • No fluff nor wrong guidance at Sirichan.
  • Uncover traditional Thai techniques and modalities reaping maximum results in a short time period.
  • Cultivate your skillset and practice through a clinical teaching method with no pre-established protocol.
  • The best part? Embrace the course, gain tools and certificates at no extra cost.