Sirichan Thai Massage Learning Center, Chiang Mai

Sirichan Thai Massage Learning Center, Chiang Mai


Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about our therapeutic Thai massage school? Please read below.

What do you mean by "traditional" or "old-school" massage instruction?

The idea of "old-school" is as much well understood as it is misinterpreted.

Dr Nooy once explained "old-school" Thai massage like this: I have learned massage in many places. Among them, I have learned massage for spa. Honestly, it's nothing. There is not physical improvement "before and after". It smells good, that's it. That’s not ancient Thai. Sometimes, only a deep or powerful technique can help to heal people. Old-school Thai massage means deep therapeutic massage applied with correct knowledge and technique.

During a class, students need to focus on correct practice. They should not try to go out of the box too early or try to adapt a technique to their preferences too early. They must first master the way it has been taught. Eventually thanks to a correct early practice, old-school students become more efficient and creative than other students.

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 Are the massage courses taught in English?

Yes. All classes are taught in English, sometimes with the assistance of a translator. Possibility of translation in French, Spanish, Dutch and German.


How many students can attend the course?

Each training is strictly limited to 8 students.


Can I receive a massage first to know if it is made for me?

Yes, you can. You can send us an email through the Sirichan Clinic Website or call us directly. We will make a traditional diagnostics and give you a massage therapy according to your needs.

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What kind of Thai massage is body balancing and bone setting?

This energetic treatment is a Thai manual therapy somewhere between chiropractic and osteopathy. It is generally performed on a table, but can also be done on the floor.

The purpose of Body Balancing really is to create space in the body (between joints), mobilize joints and reposition the whole body structure, bringing oxygen, and realignment.

In this course, students learn to manipulate a body with both confidence and respect for the receiver.

In which circumstances is body balancing performed? 

Body Balancing is a real gem to integrate to your services.

  1. It can be given as a full body treatment to realign and energize. People feel energetic, taller and more balanced. If used as a single full body realignment, it lasts from 20 to 45 minutes.
  2. It is highly effective for specific issue like neck, shoulders, lower back, tensions,…
  3. It can be used as a preparation for further treatment or as a re-balancing modality at the end of a treatment.


 What is Northern Thai walking massage?

On the whole body. This ancient massage technique is an authentic and effortless deep tissue massage. It has been improved by Ajarn Nooy over years and learned properly it is absolutely safe for both the receiver and giver. 

Sirichan walking massage is unique and one of the most effective and extraordinary therapeutic modalities to relieve deep tensions, and especially in the lower back, as well as the legs.

Walking massage can be a single treatment or part of a mixed treatment. It is effective when your hands are not strong enough for the body you are treating, or if you are exhausted. It is stronger, quicker and more effective than hands. One of the best massage therapy for releasing deep tensions. Trying it is adopting it!

 Do you teach stretching massage?

The training includes some of the best techniques of the Northern style massage to stretch all body parts deeply, safely and in a gentle manner. It is the indispensable complement of any kind of massage to completely open up the body. 

Stretching techniques have gained in popularity these last years amongst people who want to give therapeutic massage. And they are an essential part of traditional Thai massage indeed. But the truth is, they can’t do the job on their own. They need to be coupled with the deep healing massage techniques.