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Sirichan Massage School


Thai Body Balancing and Bone Setting Massage Course

Advanced Thai Massage Course to Realign and Readjust the Body

Body balancing is a unique protocol which addresses all kinds of stiffness and issues that need readjustment. Using both firmness and gentleness, it has no equivalent whatsoever in the realm of massage in Chiang Mai.

Sometimes energy blocks cannot be released only with massage. For a professional bodywork therapist, it is wise to add some gentle stretches and pops firmly applied in order to delete tensions which would otherwise have never been released.

Body balancing and bone setting is a quick and efficient modality that:

-          Re-aligns

-          Re-energizes

-          Improves mobility

You will learn:

  • on a table and/or on the floor
  • a 30-minute full body balancing and re-aligning protocol from head to toes
  • how to deeply relax nerves and muscles
  • how to release tensions through realignment: in the neck and shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankles, elbows and wrists


The 2nd Week of Each Month

5 days (all Year Round)