Sirichan Massage School

Advanced Thai Massage Courses in a Traditional Clinic From Chiang Mai

The Sirichan Thai massage school in a nutshell

The Sirichan Thai Massage School is the home of Ajahn Nooy, a doctor and therapist in traditional Thai massage.

Her advanced massage courses are based on strong foundations and correct knowledge

As a professional massage and health therapist, Ajahn Nooy teaches exactly what she does to heal physical issues.

When you have the correct basics, you can learn anything very fast. Ajahn Nooy7

More about the Sirichan massage school

What is a Thai traditional clinic?

Sirichan (Ajahn Nooy) runs a clinic of traditional Thai massage and Thai medicine under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

What we do?

All treatments are therapeutic. Nooy heals people by mixing various modalities, according to the conditions: including Thai massage, Tok Sen, Body Balance and Bone Setting, Walking Massage, Cupping, Amata Rot, Tok Sen, Abdominal Massage, to name only a few.

In a treatment, she first performs a check-up (including a "body scan"). Then she chooses which modalities will best address the issue.

What we teach?

Ajahn Nooy teaches exactly what she does.

Four essential skills to successfully give a deep therapeutic massage:

  • using old-school Thai massage techniques,
  • scanning the body in order to spot issues, 
  • following the healing process during the session,
  • mixing different Thai modalities.

Why Choose the Sirichan Thai Massage School?

The Sirichan Massage School wants to offer you all you need to be heal people with authentic ancient Thai therapies.

Accreditation and Certification - Sirichan Massage School is authorized to award international  certificates recognized by the Ministry of Health.

Clinical teaching method - there is no pre-established protocol. Dr Nooy teaches how to scan the body through palpation to create a roadmap of the massage, and how to follow the healing process step-by-step. Finally, Dr Nooy supervises students to ensure correct practice.

Learn from an actual therapist - Sirichan applies only traditional Thai modalities and techniques, which have made her clinic so successful and unique. Students have the opportunity to learn what she does each and every day to heal people (click to read reviews from patients). 

Efficiency - your time is limited and we take that into account. The Sirichan massage courses are designed to teach effective therapeutic massage techniques, with maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

No additional cost-all tools and cerrificates are included in the price. You don't have to pay any extra.

Click to find more about the modalities available at our massage school.