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Tok Sen - Professional Technniques

Nerve Vibration on the Energy Lines (aka Tok Sen Course)

Week 3 starts with 2 days of Tok Sen which is unique in sending a vibration through the whole body. Like all our courses, this one is not to be compared with other Tok Sen course in Chiang Mai. It is the Sirichan old-school style.

You will know how to send a vibration in every part of the body, from head to toes.

Learn to Mix Tok Sen with other Sirichan Modalities

Days 3, 4 and 5, it is time to use all that you have learned and put it together.
Experience tells that therapeutic massage requires the mixing of modalities. After 2 days of Tok Sen practice, you will learn how to mix it with Body Balancing and Bone Setting, Sirichan Nuad Thai Boran and Walking Massage.
Week 3, you start to become more and more old-school, allowing yourself to create your own healing art and to become an outstanding therapist.

What you will learn:

  • Feeling and following the healing process
  • How to mix techniques successfully
  • How to connect the dots between the different parts of the body
  • How to treat specific issues and help the body to wake up and regenerate

When? The 3rd Week of Each Month

5 days (all year round)


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Tok Sen Course

Tok Sen is a Lanna bodywork therapy which becomes more and more popular every year. The reason relies in its efficiency and the trance-like feeling it spreads in the body.

Tok Sen means "hitting the energy lines". At first sight, many people are mixed with a feeling of interest and fear. The reason is that it litterally looks like "sculpting the body" with a wooden hammer and a stick. "Hmm!"you might say "Maybe not for me." But actually, most of the time (not always and not everybody), the results surpass the expectations. Why? 

The rhythmical and precise hits performed by the therapist and these tools create a vibration in the whole body. The body is thus stimulated, the skeletal structure gets realigned through these vibrations, the energy flow is improved, and the whole body becomes harmonized and relaxed. Tok Sen can be applied on the whole body or on a specific body part. 

Tok Sen was largely used by villagers for its efficiency: people who came back from their hard day of work in the field or mountain needed this kind of deep vibrational therapy to completely relax their painful bodies. Today Tok Sen is still valuable in the present world because people create a lot of tensions in their bodies through their busy lives or spending most of the day sitting. 

Tok Sen is a very efficient therapy to relax muscles and tendons, to re-align the bones, to create space in the body as well as to release deep and old tensions. 

At the Clinic, we use Tok Sen almost every day. Tok Sen is probably not for everyone. You need a patient and dedicated personality. But if you have the right characteristics, Tok Sen is a therapy worth developing and becoming expert. If you want to learn about Tok Sen, we will show you all the professional techniques that we use.