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Sirichan Massage School


Four massage courses per month

Calendar for Each Month (all year round)

Week 1: Lanna Walking Massage and Nuad Thai Boran

Week 2: Bone Setting and Body Balancing

Week 3: Tok Sen and Mixing Healing Arts of Week 1, 2 and 3

Week 4: Amata Rot


9h-12h  Demonstration and Practice
12h-13h Lunch Time
13h-15h Supervised Practice
15h-17h Free Practice


Massage courses

Include tuition, tools and certificate. 

Week 1:  8,000 THB

Week 2:  8,000 THB

Week 3:  8,000 THB

Week 4: 20,000 THB

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Kindly note that we expect a deposit of 3,150 THB for any booking.

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