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Advanced Thai Healing Arts Taught On Request

Face Massage Course (adjusting, reviving, lifting & balancing)

This deep face massage is a real gem with therapeutic and cosmetic positive impacts.

How is Sirichan’s facial applied?

Sirichan’s facial is a very deep and natural treatment applied with fingers. This means that you will produce real visible and long-lasting results without the use of any cream or other cosmetic product.

Therapists are advised to use only natural products from their region (e.g. clay or other natural product) as a complement of your own touch.

What does the treatment actually do?

It stimulates, revives and harmonizes the whole energy and blood flow in the face, neck and shoulders. 

It reactivates the cells and vital liquids of the skin, so that the face can re-nourish itself naturally.

It is also a safe natural face lifting without risks of side effects. Nooy’s facial is a revival for the older (and the younger): where every cell of the face feels reborn.

The reflexology zones on the face are all stimulated.

Nooy’s facial truly harmonizes and brings lightness down in the body and up to the mind by releasing tensions and giving back vitality to the face.

Nooy’s facial is deep and when it is given with the greatest care and expertise, the face finally comes back to its original radiant beauty.

For whom?

For professional who are proud to work naturally with no chemical whatsoever: such as beauticians, massage therapists or professionals from high end spas.

How to use it?

Sirichan’s facial is especially recommended for both young and old people with very tired or marked face.

For people with more needs, it is advised to design a program of 5 or 10 sessions, so that the blood and nutrients come back to a natural flow and full reactivation.

Also, people who want to go to a party or other events, will be keen to have such a wonderful facial treatment.

Visible benefits within 1 to 10 treatments

  • Wrinkles are gone.
  • The face is radiant like a sun (it finds back its aura).
  • The eyes are glowing.
  • People feel good. Often 10 years younger because everything is back to life.
Next dates

Dates: please contact us for more information on the dates 


20,000 THB including tools and tuition.

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  • Registered with the Thai Ministry of Public Health
  • Member of the Union of Traditional Thai Medicine Society (Thailand)


  • Certificates from the Clinic are included in the training fees.
  • Certificates officially recognized by the Ministry of Health can be delivered upon proper evaluation and a small extra fee.

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60-hour Abdominal Massage Course - RESCHEDULED - 23-6 Sep 2019


60-Hour Thai Abdominal Massage course
DATES - 23-6 Sep 2019
    - Week 1 - 23-27 (Mon-Fri) 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm
    - Week 2 - 30 Sep-4 Oct (Mon-Fri) 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm
FEES - 60,000 THB
6,000 THB Deposit due on registration
Balance (54,000 THB) due on first day of class)
50,000 THB for all former students, instead of 60,000 THB (deposit 6,000 THB)
 To register for this course, email
Wissim Nuad Tong Boran is a signature massage protocol of Ajahn Nooy. It is a sophisticated rejuvenating treatment. It is gently deep, detoxifying, energizing, and regulating effect on the whole body system. It is a blend of traditional Lanna abdominal massage and Chi Nei Tsang.
In this full training, students will learn:
which parts of the body need to be treated before the stomach can actually be treated,
and how to treat these body parts;
to recognize various tensions and to treat them appropriately, 
to stimulate, re-position and harmonize organs, 
to re-initiate the flow of blocked energies. 
Pre- and post-natal massage is also a part of the curriculum. 
In 60 hours , students learn to provide a healing and transformative abdominal massage safely and effectively. Not only is the abdominal area important to regulate sustenance, but it is also where deep tensions and unexpressed emotions are stored. Releasing these physical, psychological and emotional blocks has to be done with proper knowledge, skill, and experience.
Note that the traditional Thai approach to teaching therapeutic Thai Massage techniques is a "learn by doing" approach without extensive theoretical discussion. This ensures the focus is on "embodied learning" of the anatomy and therapeutic techniques. In Thai Traditional Medicine, there is much less language, and more hands-on learning, than in a western learning context.
For those who want to enroll in this abdominal massage training course, it is important to have already taken some kinds of massage coursework and developed sensitivity in the fingers. In abdominal massage the fingers need to both massage and receive feedback regarding the status and placement of the organs and other tissues.
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