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Read Carefully Before Enrolling To Our Massage Courses

Jivaka Kumarabhacca
Jivaka Kumarabhacca

For Whom Are Therapeutic Thai Massage Courses?

Whether your purpose is to give massage to your relatives or as a professional, our courses will teach you to see massage as a game of improving your therapeutic skills.

As such, our courses are open to all intermediate and advanced massage therapists

It is for you:

-if you want to give therapeutic treatments using ancient Thai massage techniques and mindset.

-if you already have a regular practice of massage, but have realized that most people have pains that need to be healed.

-if you want to use deep tissue massage and other real powerful techniques without injurying yourself.


For whom Are They Not?

You should not register:
-If you are not able to remember and repeat a short sequence of massage movements.
-If you constantly need to question the reasons for applying such and such technique.
-If you want to learn massage for relaxation.
-if you would be scared to perform the movements as they are taught.

In conclusion

Students need to:
  • have previous experience in giving massage.
  • be willing to learn deep ancient Thai massage techniques,
  • have the ability to focus, and
  • trust the instructor.

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