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Therapeutic Sirichan Massage Course Overview

How do we Teach Therapeutic Thai Massage?

Courses are based on real study case.

In a regular class, someone will lay down on the mat. Your instructor will execute a check-up in order to spot issues, then teach how to treat the issues found. As such, there is no sequences printed in a book. The course is not so much about learning a new massage sequence, as it is about really healing someone under Dr Nooy’s supervision.

Each Week is a New Building Block

A new building block? Yes. Because every week that you learn complements each other. This four weeks are the basics of our treatments. These are the modalities that we mix to get deep and therapeutic results. However good a modality is, it has its own characteristics and its own limits. So, it can heal to a certain point (which is sometimes enough, but not all the time). So, at the Sirichan Clinic, you will see that the subtle art of blending modalities allows you to surpass these limits. Hence the new building block.

Week 1 of each month. This course focuses on how to deeply relax and prepare the client'sbody. 
You will also learn ways to treat lower back pain, and possibly some leg issues.

Week 2. We teach techniques used to realign bones and balance the body, as well as to treat specific issues related to joints.

Week 3, on day 1 and 2, we teach how to work more deeply on muscles through the nerves by sending a vibration on the 10 Energy lines (sensib), by using the Tok Sen therapy. On days 3, 4 and 5, you will learn how to mix all that has been learnt in weeks 1, 2 and 3.

Week 4, we teach the deepest modalities that Ajahn Nooy uses in her treatments: Amata Rot. This modality is known by only a handful of practitioners in Thailand. Amata Rot is an extremely powerful therapy amongst all.
Click to read about Week 4-Amata Rot.

There is a continuation in all these courses, but each week's course can also be attended independently.

What You will Learn

The initial 3-week program focuses on massaging, with correct knowledge and practice, issues like lower back pain, shoulders and neck, as well as all joint issues (hip, spine, knees, elbows, wrists and ankles), fatigue, and learning how they are connected.

At the end of each course, students will gradually improve their ability to:
  • Apply the different techniques learned
  • Make basic diagnostics
  • Follow the healing process during the treatment
  • Make connections between the different issues

At the end of three or four weeks, students will have learned how to mix all Sirichan Thai massage techniques for therapeutic purposes.