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Amata Rot: A Smooth and Deep Thai Therapeutic Bodywork for Nerves and Tendons

Amata Rot Treatment
Amata Rot Treatment

Amatarot Bodywork Course - A New Balancing and Rejuvenating Therapy (for body & face)

Amatarot is one of the youngest Thai therapies. It is just 100 years old. It is also Dr Nooy's favorite therapy.

Amatarot reaches body parts and tendons and has a unique impact. Amatarot releases tensions, when hands, elbows, fingers, Tok Sen, cupping therapy, acupuncture or guasha can't do anything.

The Thai word "Amatarot" could be translated by something like "A taste of eternal life force" (or, we could say, "Forever Young"). This amazingly efficient therapy was created by a Thai monk during the last century. Ajahn Nooy has introduced Amatarot to a few therapists of Chiang Mai. Yet it is only starting to spread slowly within the Thai community. 

Amatarot works deeply on the tendons and fascia. The therapeutic impact of Amatarot has no equivalent whatsoever. It is amazing for sciatica, face, posture imbalance, for joints issues, all kinds of physical pains, low energy, tensions and many more. It can really help reshaping the physical structure and level up the amount of oxygen in the body. It stimulates areas and awakens cells in the body like no other therapy. Hence its name: A taste of eternal life!

Just like any other therapy, you can use Amatarot alone or coupled with another modality. All our advanced students have been immediately attracted by Amatarot and have decided to learn it right away. They are using it either to heal physical issues or to improve the quality of their face massage.

When? The 4th Week of Each Month

5 days (all year round)

How much?

20,000 THB