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Sirichan Massage School


Advanced Nuad Thai Boran Course Mixed With Northern Style Deep Walking Massage

Deep Walking Massage Course - Unique in Chiang Mai – RECOMMENDED

Ajahn Nooy includes this advanced Thai modality to most of her treatments.

I use Walking Massage a lot in my professional practice! Dr. Nooy 

This course also incorporates deep and intense Nuad Thai Boran techniques, stretches and variations, that are barely taught anywhere anymore.

You will learn:

  • Some of the best, deepest and quickest releasing massage techniques
  • to prepare a body with walking massage, before treating all kinds of ailments (lower back, legs, abdominal or other issues).
  • Highly efficient techniques for big or heavy bodies.
  • To gain more control as a practitioner
  • To avoid fatigue and injuries as a practitioner.


The 1st Week of Each Month

5 days (all year round)

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