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Learn Advanced Thai Massage from a Thai Professional of Chiang Mai

Your Teacher In A Nutshell

Nooy first learned to give massage with her grand-mother who was a midwife and master in medical herbs. Nooy further learned with other masters and at the temple until she finally graduated as a doctor in traditional Thai medicine.  

She used to be the head massage teacher at the Women’s prison of Chiang Mai and at the Department of skills development of Chiang Mai (Ministry of Labor).

Her passion is to heal people using Thai therapies. Her way of healing is unique. 

In Nooy’s opinion, the essence and therapeutic efficiency of Thai massage is at risk. The precision, power and control that she learned when she was young are not taught anymore. Therefore she teaches old-school ancient style massage.

As a therapist, Nooy has adapted her treatments to the needs and pains of the modern world, but the essence of her therapies and her teachings hasn’t changed.

In her massage courses, she shares what she considers is real knowledge and effective massage techniques.

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    Greetings from your Thai massage teacher in Chiang Mai

    Sawasdee ka (hello). I am Nooy (Sirichan).  I run my own traditional Thai clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I heal people with Thai bodywork therapies. Most people who come to me for the first time have never experienced the natural way of healing as I do it.

    I am a graduated doctor in traditional Thai medicine, but I also learned a wide array of Thai bodywork therapies with other masters around Thailand, at the temple, and with my grand-mother (who was my first and best teacher ever; she was a midwife and master in medical herbs.)

    I worked as head massage teacher at the Women’s prison of Chiang Mai and at the Department of skills development of Chiang Mai (Ministry of Labor) for six years and eight years respectively.

    I teach old-style massage therapies because I want to keep Thai natural healing therapies alive.

    Today I still travel around Thailand to learn and gather natural Thai healing methods. I have also traveled to Lao, Malaysia and India, where I have had interesting and funny experiences with massage, but I have never found anything that can heal like massage from Thailand.

    I am a little bit concerned to see our ancient healing ways squeezed by blunt standardization and other unnatural ways of treating people. In my experience, ancient Thai bodywork therapies, herbs and proper diet can really help people of the modern world, simply and naturally, even when modern medicine recommends surgery or strong medication. My job is to help our ancient techniques to live long by propagating them just as they are.

    At the Sirichan Clinic & Medical Massage School, in Chiang Mai (Thailand), you can see the real Thai way of healing people, with talented Thai massage therapists. In addition, you can learn to heal the Thai way and integrate it to your own healing methods. I’ll do my best to help you learn as much as possible the most amazing and efficient techniques of Thai massage and other therapies.

    About the Sirichan Medical Massage School Chiang Mai

    In Thai tradition, most people are raised by their grandma and so was I. I learned everything from her. I can cook because I had to help her prepare food (together with my 6 other sisters).

    However I was the only one in my family to whom she taught how to massage. I had to massage her every day. On the weekend, I had to follow my grandma and my grandpa in the jungle to find the right medical herbs. I went from house to house with her to heal people. I watched her so many times, and she taught me to give abdominal massage for women. This is my inheritance, the living part of my family. My way of healing people has been passed like this from generation to generation.

    To be honest, I never thought I would become a health therapist. I just did everything my grandma asked me (even when I wanted to go and play with my friends) because I really thought she needed me to give her massage. But she was actually teaching me. I’m so proud that she was able to teach me the way she did it. Until today my grandma is still my best teacher.

    My goal is to teach Thai massage as it is. I have to share Thai massage the way I learned it. No adaptation. After you have learned with me, you can do what you want. Fortunately, I remember everything from my grandma. Thai bodywork has its own characteristics (like any other therapy), and if you want to give treatments with a Thai mindset, you surely need someone who can teach you the Thai way.

    That’s very important that foreign practitioners get instilled with the Thai touch and mindset. Especially that now Thai massage is spreading over the world and losing its essence. 

    I founded the Sirichan Massage School on top of the Clinic because I find the Thai natural ways of healing so amazing and effective. I want to keep them alive. This is part of the job of my life as a licensed doctor in traditional Thai medicine and certified master in Thai massage.

    Enjoy your practice of the Thai healing arts!

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